Horizon 2020 Health

Provides 1 - 5M € in subsidies for research, development, and demonstration within:

About Horizon 2020 Health

With support from Horizon 2020 you will be able to conduct international research projects in support of EU policies for health. With a successful application of the program, companies will receive:

  • 1-5M EUR for technology and product development
  • IPR - Intellectual Property Rights
  • A network of partners for development
  • Access to new markets
  • Technology and knowledge transfer

The purpose of Horizon 2020 Health is to increase European competitiveness and create new jobs.

Possibilities with Horizon 2020 Health

Horizon 2020 Energy offers opportunities for SMEs as well as large companies, regardless of industry and technological level. It offers interesting possibilities for traditional production companies as well as high-tech companies; the key factor is that the company is facing a technological challenge or has a project idea for the solution of a technological/societal challenge. With Horizon 2020 Health, the company can receive co-financing from the EU for project research and development.

The Horizon 2020 Health calls will be offered to projects within the following categories (see current calls below):

  • Health promotion and prevention: Pathogen identification, vaccine development etc. 
  • Diagnosis improvement: Medical imaging, biomarkers etc.
  • Innovative treatments and technologies: New and advanced therapies, regenerative medicine, elderly care, and paediatrics
  • Active and healthy aging: Robotics, early risk detection, etc.
  • Citizen-centred care: Prevention, ICT systems, self-management, computer modelling etc.
  • Improving health information: Digital representation, bioinformatics, etc.

Requirements for Horizon 2020 Health

There are three primary requirements for a project to be eligible for support from Horizon 2020 Health:

  • Height of Innovation - the project/technology must be novel and solve a European health issue.
  • Large market potential or socioeconomic impact - min. 100M EUR over 5 years.
  • The project demands three partners from three EU countries.

Upcoming deadlines

Below are the upcoming deadlines for Horizon 2020 Health. Expect 1-2 months for the proposal writing process.


Despite the major advances in understanding disease in the post-genomic era, still a majority of all drugs are effective in only a limited number of patients. Proposals for this call should deliver novel concepts for disease-mechanism based patient stratification to address the needs for stratified or personalised therapeutic interventions. The proposals should integrate multidimensional and longitudinal data and harness the power of - omics, including pharmacogenomics, systems biomedicine approaches, network analysis and of computational modelling.

This is a two-stage call. 


Proposals should develop population-oriented primary prevention interventions to promote mental well-being of young people and assess them for their effectiveness. The proposals should aim at increasing resilience and mitigating the impact of biological, psychosocial and environmental risk factors.

This is a 2-stage call. 


Support will be provided to clinical trials on substances where orphan designation has been given by the European Commission, where the proposed clinical trial design takes into account recommendations from protocol assistance given by the European Medicines Agency, and where a clear patient recruitment strategy is presented.

This is a 2-stage call. 


Proposals should develop a proof of concept of radically new solutions for a personalised "virtual coach", building upon intelligent ICT environments, access to relevant physiological and behavioural data, new forms of accessible interaction based on tangible user interaction concepts, open platforms and emotional computing. Usability and ease of user interaction should be essential design elements of the "coach".


Proposals will develop innovative in-silico trials for designing, developing and assessing drugs, radiation and other biomedical and bioactive products.


Proposals should aim at the development of new integrative dynamic computer- models and simulation systems of acceptable validity, with the potential to being reused, build on open service platforms and with application in well-being, health and disease.


Today many rare diseases still lack means of molecular diagnosis. The aim of this research should be to apply genomics and/or other –omics and/or other high-throughput approaches for the molecular characterisation of rare diseases in view of developing molecular diagnoses for a large number of undiagnosed rare diseases.

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