Innovation Fund Denmark

Provides 0.7 - 4M € in subsidies for research and development within:

About Innovation Fund Denmark

In 2016, Innovation Fund Denmark will invest €80M in innovative initiatives to create growth and employment in Denmark.

Possibilities with Innovation Fund Denmark

Since the merger of the funds is still recent, the requirements for the individual programs may change as they develop. The information on this page will therefore be updated regularly as the calls are being published. 

Innovationsfonden works within the following 6 research areas:

  • Bioresources, Food and Lifestyle
  • Trade, Service and Society
  • Energy, Climate and Environment
  • Production, Materials, Digitisation and ICT
  • Infrastructure, Transport and Construction
  • Biotech, Medico and Health

Grand Solutions

Innovation Fund Denmark offers co-financing for projects focussing is on research, technology, experimental development and/or market development. The fund has the following requirements for the projects:

  • 2-5 years duration
  • Maximum co-financing of up to 50% (60% for SMEs). Upon successful application projects receive DKK 5-30m in co-funding
  • Participation from a minimum of one Danish company and one Danish public research institution
  • The funding from Innovationsfonden – Denmark can account for a maximum of 75% of the total project costs

The application process has two phases:
Phase 1: Concise expression of interest. Based on this, staff and Executive Management prepare decision-support for the Board, which decides whether to extend an invitation to apply for Phase 2
Phase 2: The application proper. Staff and Executive Management prepare decision support for the Board after procuring inputs from external peer reviewers. The Board then makes the final decision

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under Innovation Fund Denmark.

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