EIT Crisis Response Initiative

Provides ≤500 ThousandM € in subsidies for development, demonstration, and test within:

About EIT Crisis Response Initiative

The EIT Governing Board has decided to mobilise EUR 60 million of funding to innovators powering high-impact solutions that tackle this unprecedented social and economic challenge. 

The financing will allow the launch of new innovation projects to address the immediate crisis and will support highly innovative start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs crucial to the economy’s fast recovery to benefit from additional funding under the ‘Venture Support Instrument’.

The EUR 60 million financing will power innovations in health, climate change, digitisation, food, sustainable energy, urban mobility, manufacturing and raw materials. Reflecting the EIT innovation model’s flexibility, the EIT’s eight Knowledge and Innovation Communities have responded decisively to the crisis and will launch additional pan-European calls for these activities. 

Upcoming deadlines

Below are the upcoming deadlines for EIT Crisis Response Initiative. Expect 1-2 months for the proposal writing process.


The COVID-19 crisis has placed unprecedented pressure on the global food system, calling for innovative thinking and ways of partnering to face the immediate challenges of the pandemic as well as the future recovery.

The EIT Food COVID-19 Rapid Response Call focuses on innovation projects which deliver:

  • Rapid impact: this initiative will fund activities executed until 31 December 2020. As such, the innovative solution (product, service, start-up created) must be ready for launch by the end of 2020, and be on the market by end Q2 2021 at the latest.
  • Significant impact: applicants must demonstrate how the initiative will deliver both economic and societal impact, specifically addressing the COVID-19 crisis or possible future similar Pandemics.



EIT Urban Mobility’s objective is to rethink urban spaces, overcoming fragmentation by integrating all urban mobility players – including cities and citizens – and increasing social inclusion and equality.

By accelerating the products, services and processes for cities, EIT Urban Mobility will reimagine collective and individual mobility, shaping it according to local needs, supporting communities and stimulating the economy.

High TRL solutions, technology and experience from adjacent sectors should be used in EIT Urban Mobility COVID-19 Crisis Response Call. These technologies or services will need to be adapted to specific challenges and integrated into the business and operations of mobility services within six months. As such, definitions of output and deliverables have been altered for this call.


Manufacturing is among the business activities to be most negatively affected by the evolving crisis caused by COVID-19. The pandemic is heavily disrupting both the demand behaviour as well as the supply and the capability of the companies to produce and deliver goods to the market. Within this situation, EIT Manufacturing will be at the forefront of supporting the manufacturing community in Europe.

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