Provides 0.7 - 7M € in subsidies for research, development, and demonstration within:

About Artemis

Artemis projects are industry driven projects for embedded systems, aimed at developing new and improved technologies to be used in products, processes and/or services.

With a successful application of Artemis, companies will receive:

  • Funding in the range of € 0.5-6M
  • A network of partners and markets
  • Technology and knowledge transfer

The purpose of Artemis is to strengthen the competitiveness of European industries, increase sustainability, and support the establishment of new markets and application to meet societal needs.

Possibilities with Artemis

Artemis supports both SMEs and large companies, but focuses primarily on strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs.

With Artemis, you can implement a number of various projects:

  • Research and technological development surpassing current state-of-the-art technology
  • Demonstration or experimental development designed to showcase the lifecycle of novel technology
  • Management activities: Connecting all components of the projects and maintaining communication with the Artemis secretariat
  • Miscellaneous activities: E.g. communication and dissemination of results

Requirements for Artemis

The consortium must consist of minimum three independent partners from three Artemis member states. The size, scope, and internal organisation of the projects may vary, but typically projects have 6-15 partners.

Projects typically last 2-3 years.

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under Artemis.

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