Innovative ventilation system reduces noise and energy consumption

Demand pushed for innovative development

Increasing demand for energy efficient products creates great opportunities for green, innovative companies. One of these companies is Danish Airmaster A/S. The company currently develops an energy-efficient, decentralised ventilation, cooling and heat pump system.

Today, a decentralised system providing the combination of the three is not available in the market. So far, the noise caused by the additional air transported through the system has troubled developers, who have failed to design a usable system. As these systems are often installed in schools and office buildings, noise is an unwanted side affect. Airmaster solves this problem by incorporating a patented noise reduction technology. In addition, the new system reduces energy consumption by 40%.

Strong project scope secured success

We advised Airmaster on relevant funding opportunities and structured the application process. We were responsible for writing and submitting the final application, which displayed Airmaster’s strong qualifications, a huge market potential and a convincing product ready for market introduction after project finalisation. 

Innovative ventilation system reduces noise and energy consumption
Grant: EUDP - Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program
Budget: 1.2M €
Funding: 0.4M €