Making parcel delivery faster and more sustainable

Filling unused carrier van capacity

For short-distance delivery of goods, only 40% of vehicle cargo capacity is used. This is because most goods transportation companies still use basic spreadsheets that are unable to match in real-time the supply of vehicles with the demand for transport services. The negative impacts are high prices for deliveries, high CO2 emissions per parcel and billions of Euros in lost revenues every year.

Tech startup Dliver is building the World’s first digital B2B marketplace that matches supply of carrier vans’ capacity with demand for parcel delivery services – in a convenient, transparent and cost-efficient way. The company is now testing their MVP with select Danish customers, in which the solution has already shown to increase deliveries per driver and reduce fuel consumption per parcel. They now aim for quick scale-up to penetrate key markets across Europe.

Writing a convincing application

Dliver came to us with a prototype and a clear product roadmap. They needed funding for testing and improving their solution. They asked us to handle the entire application preparation process. In the end, we achieved funding from InnoBooster for the development and user testing of the Dliver MVP product. We also helped them obtain follow-on support from SME Instrument Phase 1, which will allow the company to develop a detailed business plan to ensure rapid European-wide uptake.

Making parcel delivery faster and more sustainable
Grants: Innobooster and Horizon 2020 - SME Instrument
Budget: 0.3M €
Funding: 0.1M €