New surface hardening method makes titanium a super metal

Titanium 2.0

The Danish company Expanite are experts in stainless steel surface hardening through advanced chemical processes. The result is steel with a significantly higher resistance, which gives the steel longer life and more applications.

The company started developing the method to include titanium, which is an extremely sought-after metal in the watch and aircraft industry. Demand is constantly increasing with applications across various industries, including in the medical world where it’s used for hip implants. Curing this lightweight metal will give it the same properties as stainless steel. In this way, Expanite's technology can help spread the use of titanium for new products while improving existing products.

Help writing a successful application

Expanite needed financial support for testing and adaptation and asked us to handle the entire application process. We helped Expanite formulate the project and write the application for funding from the Danish Market Development Fund, which also concluded that the solution had great potential. The money gave them the opportunity to carry out a one and a half year project in which the technology will be tested with potential end users.





New surface hardening method makes titanium a super metal
Grant: The Market Development Fund
Budget: 0.4M €
Funding: 0.2M €