Savings made easy: Your pension plan becomes 100% digital and understandable

Grandhood shakes up the outdated pension industry

More than half of all Danes worry about their finances as pensioners and many are not saving up at all. Pension products are hard to understand, and small companies are faced with high prices and inflexible solutions. The company Grandhood has made it their mission to make retirement easier for everyone.

Grandhood will offer a 100% digital pension solution. The digital approach keeps costs down so that Grandhood can offer an affordable plan for everyone. Driven by Artificial Intelligence, the Grandhood app will give customers a quick overview of their savings as well as personalised advice based on proven investment strategies and the customer's own wishes for the future. In addition, Grandhood will make the process completely pain-free – customers will be able to sign up in 5 minutes through the app.

Got help talking the Fund's language

Grandhood wanted funding and support from InnoBooster to accelerate the development of their digital on-boarding experience for customers – a process that today consists of many manual and time-consuming steps. Although the Grandhood team had great experience in pitching in front of private investors, they contacted to gain a better insight into the public funding world.

We helped Grandhood prepare a strong application that presented a structured project and clearly showed the huge innovation that Grandhood brings to the pension market. InnoBooster was enthusiastic about the new concept and awarded the company with €0,2 million in support of the project.

"The team at is very competent and proactive. They have been good at challenging us and thus making us sharpen our value proposition and business plan. The collaboration worked well, as technology development goes hand in hand with understanding the business case and product vision.”

- Jon Lieberkind, CEO & Founder,

Savings made easy: Your pension plan becomes 100% digital and understandable
Grant: Innobooster
Budget: 0.4M €
Funding: 0.2M €