Funding from Innobooster will make life easier for diabetics

Polaric Semiconductor specializes in semiconductors for the global MedTech industry. The company develops a ground-breaking solution for diabetics: The first battery-free device for monitoring blood glucose values (BGM device). The solution is battery-free and can be worn on the skin in a patch. The device replaces the finger pricking method and the expensive battery powered BGM solutions. The BGM device is activated and read using a smartphone. The solution provides a positive environmental impact as it eliminates the batteries and will reduce costs for diabetics by up to 70%.

Public funding provides a seal of approval for the idea

The response time in a battery-free BGM solution is the most challenging part of the project, as no one so far have been successful with fast response time in a battery-free solution.

Therefore, the project of Polaric Semiconductor has a goal for the battery-free, encrypted BGM device to read glucose values in a few seconds. This is made possible by integrating NFC communication, sensor interfaces, temperature sensing and encryption into a “single chip” thus eliminating delays in intercommunication times inside the BGM device.

CEO of Polaric Semiconductor, Rashad Elsubaihi: “The collaboration with TechFunding has been effective, streamlined and with a fast response time. The whole application process was smooth and there was a rewarding and insightful dialogue along the way. The quality was high, which is also reflected in the positive result. In addition, we are very proud of the recognition we have received through this Innobooster grant for making products that have a social responsibility and an environmental aspect.”

In collaboration with TechFunding Polaric Semiconductor have received DKK 716.000 for their project from Innobooster.

Funding from Innobooster will make life easier for diabetics
Grant: Innobooster
Budget: 0.3M €
Funding: 0.1M €