The intelligent bar becomes a reality with a new bar management system

Better control of drinks optimizes operations

More and more restaurants and bars have started using digital bar management systems to ensure better sales and inventory management. The problem is that the current systems are slow, cumbersome and provide inaccurate data. This limits the industry's ability to optimize operations and automate data collection.

Provargo has set out to solve this challenge. They have developed DigiPour - a complete bar management system consisting of control and dosing devices, as well as the management system BarCloud. DigiPour provides precise measurement and dosing of eg. spirits, beer and wine, and sends the information to the BarCloud database. The system is continuously updated with sales figures and consumption from the control and dosing devices. The bar is thus more efficient for the benefit of both guests and owners.

In two separate projects, Provargo must test the DigiPour system as part of the day-to-day operations of two test users for 15 months, and further develop and optimize digital communication between the devices.

Getting help to understand the funding world

We advised Provargo on relevant grant schemes and helped find those that best matched the project. Then we planned the application process, where we were responsible for writing and submitting applications to both the Danish Market Development Fund and InnoBooster. The applications emphasized Provargo's novel technical approach, a convincing business case and the team's strong competencies.

“We chose to team up with because we needed advice on how to successfully navigate the funding world. They helped us choose the funds that fit exactly where we were in our development project. Then, helped us prepare our application to fit the requirements of the funds. The knowledge we gained from them has undoubtedly been crucial for our success. The application development process was very professional from start to finish, and I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

- Peter Lindberg, Managing Director, Provargo

The intelligent bar becomes a reality with a new bar management system
Grants: The Market Development Fund and Innobooster
Budget: 1.1M €
Funding: 0.5M €