A small pill with huge effect will improve life for Parkinson’s patients

Treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Akinesia is a symptom of Parkinson’s disease causing muscle stiffness and partly paralysis. Akinesia is treatable with the drug Levodopa but treatment is limited due to the rapid clearance from the body leading to a need for up to 7-8 dosages per day. This frequency is not possible at night, and many patients experience significant sleep disorders and morning akinesia.

Solural Pharma and Contera Pharma gathered their vast experience within this area and set out to solve the problem. The goal is to develop a pill that delivers the active drug delayed, in order for patients to benefit from the effect during the night. The partners joined forces with a specialised German university and ERWEKA, a leading international manufacturer of test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Help ensured an easy application process

Solural Pharma asked us to head the overall coordination of the process towards the final application. During the process we handled the coordination between the four partners and wrote the application. In addition, we prepared the consortia agreement needed after project approval.

"By involving TechFunding at an early stage, we became extremely focused on delivering the right input for the application. The advice and guidance from TechFunding not only secured us funding but also made the process towards it less bureaucratic,” said Peter G. Nielsen, CEO, Solural Pharma about the collaboration. 


A small pill with huge effect will improve life for Parkinson’s patients
Grant: Eurostars
Budget: 0.9M €
Funding: 0.6M €
Partners: Solural Pharma ApS
Contera Pharma ApS
Erweka GmbH
Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald