Digitization makes driving lessons safer

Technological boost to driving lessons

Today, driving lessons on designated courses use obsolete technology. Instructors still use Walkie-talkie systems to communicate with driving students about their manoeuvres and behaviour while they are driving on the track. But this method of communication leads to misunderstandings and many accidents. This results in high costs due to increased insurance premiums, deductibles and repair of cars and equipment.

The company sPeople, together with its partner EG Drive, will develop a solution that meets these challenges. The solution comprises an intelligent digital device set up in each car and a backend software system for the instructor. The device collects information on student driving, such as speed, position, acceleration, impact, etc. On a dash-mounted screen, students can see instructions for the exercises and subsequent results. Instructors can follow a student's driving via a tablet and adjust the exercises accordingly. In addition, the system will enable two-way communication between the instructor and the student. The solution will add new features that will enhance the quality of education and safety on the course.

The application showed the full value of the project

We quickly saw that there was great potential in the project, as it aimed to solve a large unaddressed need in the market. Together with sPeople, we worked on highlighting the solution's value creation for the customer and prepared a project plan that showed how the company will achieve its ambitious goals. The project will make it possible to develop the first version of their new digital system and test it at several professional driving courses that have already shown great interest in the solution.

"We chose to seek help from Techfunding.eu after we had tried to write the InnoBooster application on our own, but received a rejection. With our busy day-to-day work, we simply didn’t have enough time to write a high-quality application. Techfunding.eu provided excellent help and actively led the application process, which allowed us focus on our current clients.

Besides winning the funding from InnoBooster, working with Techfunding.eu also allowed us to practice explaining what we do to outside parties. They provided a different perspective on our solution, and the opportunity to clearly communicate the idea, the potential, the technology and the product development process. We would definitely recommend using Techfunding.eu, because as an entrepreneur you have to focus on what you are best at, and we achieved that with the Techfunding.eu team who came in and took over."

- Thomas Bomberg, COO & Partner, sPeople

Digitization makes driving lessons safer
Grant: Innobooster
Budget: 0.1M €
Funding: 0.03M €