StatuManu won funding for critical product development

If a physician needs to measure the intracranial pressure in a patient with head trauma, it requires an invasive procedure. Up until now, a hole has been drilled in the patient's skull to be able to insert pressure sensors and catheters. This increases the risk of an infection and further damage to the brain, as well as prolonging ICU hospitalization by 2-3 days. Together, these factors mean that healthcare professionals have only measured pressure in the brain in extremely critical cases, causing unnecessary suffering. The Med-Tech company StatuManu aims to change that.

StatuManu has developed a method for measuring intracranial pressure that doesn’t require an invasive procedure. Simply using a camera, which is already standard equipment in hospitals, and a complex algorithm, StatuManu can measure the intracranial pressure by analyzing images of the back of the patient's eye. This makes measuring pressure in the brain just as easy as measuring temperature, as well as significantly reducing the cost of the measurement.

Funding for both prototype testing and market adaptation

StatuManu initially contacted us to prepare an application for Innovation Fund Denmark's Innobooster, which was to help them test their prototype in collaboration with experts from Odense University Hospital. In collaboration, we managed to raise 420,000kr. for StatuManu.

One of the results of the first Innobooster project was that it would be necessary to adapt the product's user interface for the workflow of healthcare professionals. StatuManu’s ambition is that their product should be simple enough that it can be used in ambulances. As the prototype test was conducted in collaboration with researchers, it became clear that the product's user interface needed to be adapted to make it easily accessible to healthcare professionals.

That requires expertise from a software developer and a UX / UI expert, and it was the hiring of these experts that formed the basis for StatuManu’s second application in our collaboration. This time we managed to raise 926,000 kr. for UX design, data mining and clinical analysis.

“We have been extremely happy with the collaboration with Techfunding, in connection with our applications. Throughout the process, the team has shown strength in compressing technical and complex information and communicating it in a precise and understandable language. We were really impressed by Techfunding’s work and look forward to more projects with the team.” Says Jakob Find Madsen, Co-founder of StatuManu.

In collaboration with Techfunding, StatuManu has received a total investment of 1.4 million. kr.

StatuManu won funding for critical product development
Grant: Innobooster
Budget: 0.6M €
Funding: 0.2M €