Advanced marketing platform helps mobile game developers succeed in a fast moving market

Great games get lost in the crowd

The global mobile gaming market has seen impressive growth over the past few years. But far from all game developers make money on their games. Many lack sufficient analytics tools to market their games efficiently in order to generate downloads and revenue.

One of those game studios that does make money is Tactile Entertainment. Tactile not only produces great games, the company has managed to build a comprehensive marketing platform containing advanced analysis and marketing tools. Tactile saw an opportunity to utilise this platform to widen its area of business. In this project, Tactile will transform its in-house platform to a game developing service. This way, other game studios can run their games on Tactile’s platform to generate higher revenue. During the project, a Spanish gaming studio will test the implementation and use of the platform.

Strong project and business case ensured success

We presented Tactile with relevant funding opportunities and helped identify Eurostars as a great opportunity. We then helped scope the project, making the objectives and business potential clear cut. During the application process, we continuously involved the Spanish partner, in order to define work tasks and responsibilities. Using input from both partners, we wrote the application, which convinced Eurostars to invest in the project.

"We had a really good process, in which we jointly focused on writing an application that complimented our existing business plan. The successful application allows us to expand our area of business and grow as a company. I highly recommend working with TechFunding. The consultants are good at making the application process way less bureaucratic, allowing focus to be on the most important thing; the business development."

- Asbjoern Soendergaard, CEO, Tactile Entertainment

Advanced marketing platform helps mobile game developers succeed in a fast moving market
Grant: Eurostars
Budget: 0.7M €
Funding: 0.4M €
Partners: Promineo Studios