Funding for hiring technical profiles

Worklife Barometer created HOWDY app to target the problem of stress-related mental illness. In Denmark alone sick leave as a result of stress costs organisations upwards of 14 billion kr. every year. HOWDY identifies employees in need of help and delivers personalised psychological support before negative symptoms manifest. This is achieved by combining continuous check-ins and proprietary algorithms with remote psychologists.

Needed technical expertise to activate data

When Worklife Barometer reached out to Teknologiudvikling they were at a pivotal point in their company growth that would require automation and activation of gathered data.

“Through HOWDY, we have gathered large datasets from our user surveys and psychologist conversations. Yet this data is unexplored. Funding from Innobooster allows us to apply machine learning to make our platform more intelligent and to reduce operational costs. We can therefore reach significantly more users and achieve important company milestones that will accelerate our growth,” says Rasmus Hartung, CEO and co-founder of Worklife Barometer.

Through our collaboration we formulated a project that met those needs. Worklife Barometer won a 790.000 kr. grant from Innobooster, that provides funding for hiring 2 key technical profiles to bring new knowledge into the company and to drive product development

Funding for hiring technical profiles
Grant: Innobooster
Budget: 0.3M €
Funding: 0.1M €