Provides 0.01M € in subsidies for research, development, and demonstration within:


The aim of EUopSTART is to intensify Danish companies and research institutions' participation in European research and innovation. EUopSTART offers grants for the preparatory work of Danish businesses and knowledge institutions that want to apply for the following EU funding programmes.

  • EIC Accelerator Stage 2
  • Eurostars
  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions
  • Horizon Europe, Pillar II, 1 and 2-stage calls

Possibilities within EUopSTART

Companies can get a maximum grant of DKK 50,000 (€6,600) to prepare an application. If the company takes on the coordinating role in the consortium, the maximum grant is DKK 75,000 (€9,300). The grant can be used to cover expenses for salary, relevant travel and help from consultancies. The salary expenses are calculated on the basis on a flat rate of DKK 600/hour (€80). The funding rate is 50%.

Requirements for EUopSTART

Grants are allocated for EUopSTART applications which benefit Danish research or innovation, and which are completed by public or private-sector businesses and knowledge institutions domiciled in Denmark.

The applicant organisation:

  • Must have existed for at least one year on the date of application.
  • Must have had a turnover of at least DKK 1M, or have attracted at least DKK 0.5M in investments, or have had at least two fulltime employees within the most recently finished financial year.
  • Must not be subject to insolvency proceedings or have suspended payments.
  • Must not have due debt to the state (including any debt to a public authority for which the deadline for payment has been exceeded).

Grants from EUopSTART to private-sector businesses are granted as de minimis support. The receiving business can during a period of three years receive a maximum total of €200,000 as de minimis support. The grant period must be at least one month, and the application must be written in Danish or English.


Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under EUopSTART.

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