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The grants is closed

With support from FFI Fordon & Säkerhet, companies that are connected to the Scandinavian organisation of suppliers to the automotive industry, FKG, can apply for funding for research, innovation and development activities. The following areas of research are primarily considered for funding:

• Intelligent safety systems
• The cognition and tolerance of the human
• Crash safety (passive and active)
• Field studies (for example real-life-safety)
• Unprotected pedestrians
• Security (for example personal protection/integrity)
• Other related areas that has the potential of strengthening the competitiveness of Sweden and the Swedish automotive industry from a global perspective

The overall goal with the programme is to develop technology with the potential of covering one third of the government’s goal of reducing the amount of people killed in traffic by 2020. In this goal it is included that Swedish automotive industry shall maintain its position as world leaders when it comes to the development of safe vehicles and systems.  Previous funding for projects have been in the range between 400 000 SEK and 30 000 000 SEK.


Possibilities with FFI Fordon & Säkerhet

Both small and medium sized companies has the possibility to apply to the programme, as long as they are linked to FKG and can prove the relevance to the automotive industry through an industrial contract with for example Volvo Personvagnar, Volvo AB or Scania CV. What is decisive is that the company contributes to the development of safer automotive technology.

Requirements for FFI Fordon & Säkerhet

There are a number of requirements that all applicant companies need to fulfil to be considered in the process.

• The project needs to  have a proved relevance to the automotive industry
• At least on industrial partner is needed in the project
• FKG need to be informed and endorse the project

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under FFI.

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