ForskVE - Renewable Energy

About ForskVE - Renewable Energy

With support from ForskVE – Renewable Energy you will be able to conduct projects promoting the availability of electricity power plants with some production capacity based on renewable energy. This year, the fund has a budget of DKK 25m for project support.

The projects should seek to increase the availability of electricity power plants with a limited capacity. Support is given to demonstration, market maturation and dissemination projects. With a successful application to the program, companies will receive DKK 0.5-25m in project support.

Possibilities with ForskVE – Renewable Energy

Both companies and knowledge institutions can apply for ForskVE - Renewable Energy grants, this includes universities and approved technological service institutes registered in the Danish register of companies. Non-Danish companies can apply with a Danish company as the primary applicant if the project aims at developing the Danish electricity grid.

Following topics are of particular interest to the fund:

  • Energy storage and integration of energy systems
  • Smart Grid and the integration of renewable energy
  • Environmentally friendly electricity production

Companies can apply for support of demonstration, market maturation and dissemination of solutions for environmentally friendly electricity production.

The fund focuses on the following tecnologies:

  • Waves
  • Solar
  • Biogas
  • Other technologies based on renewable energy sources
  • Technologies promoting smaller renewable production technologies

Requirements for ForskVE – Renewable Energy

There are four primary requirements for a project to be eligible for support from ForskVE – Renewable Energy:

  • Projects should help making Denmark independent of fossil fuels
  • Electricity producing installations must be connected to the electricity grid
  • The projects should break down barriers for technological spread and must serve as a project forerunner
  • The primary applicant must be a Danish company

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under ForskVE.

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