Grönt flygtekniskt demonstrationsprogram

About Grönt flygtekniskt demonstrationsprogram

The grant is closed

Possibilities with Grön flygteknisk demonstration

Those who are accepted into the programme will be given the possibility to conduct research within how demonstrated green technology faster can be implemented in future civilian aircrafts. This technology can typically be: lightweight technology, energy efficient systems or new functions in air traffic management. The idea behind the programme is that large companies will act as an engine for small and medium sized companies in the different projects of the programme. There are currently three planned calls in the programme, starting in 2012.

Requirements for Grön Flygteknisk Demonstration

There are a number of requirements to be eligible for Grön Flygteknisk Demonstration

  • The applicant organisation needs to be a company within the aviation industry that participates (or has the potential to participate) in large international demonstration programmes.
  • The projects need to be undertaken in consortiums
  • At least 15% of the allocated funds shall be assigned to a small or medium sized company in the consortium
  • The project leader has to be from the organisation responsible for the application
  • The applicant organisation need to have extensive research and development activities in Sweden

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