Write the convincing application

The quality of your application must resemble the quality of the business plan you present to a potential investor. We guide you to quality content. 

Structure and content

You need to make it absolutely clear why your project is worth an investment. All applications are different and make different demands for the content. But basically, all are structured around the following topics, which you must be able to account for:

Impact and results

In what way do your project results live up to impact requested in the call text? Is the relation between your anticipated results and the funding you require? Generally, you must account for expected turnover and rise in employment over a 5-year period after project finalisation.


The product/service must have a certain height of innovation and be novel – either by using current technology in a new way or by developing brand new technology. You should be able to argue how the technology you wish to develop or use differentiates from others solutions in the market.


As a rule of tomb, you should be able to argue a market potential of more than €100 million over a 5-year period. You need a clear vision of how to reach the market and a realistic expectation of your own market share. Show that you really know your market, competitors and market barriers.


Partners are very often a condition for applying for funding. You need to compose a well-considered consortium with strong partners. When initiating the application process, you should have given careful thoughts to the road from development to market, and to which partners will benefit this value chain. In your application you should explain the role and importance of each partner.

Project plan and activities

You must submit a detailed plan outlining the activities in your project, including expected costs for each project partner. The plan typically consists of a number of work packages basically meaning sub-projects with own time schedule, milestones, outcomes and finances. The work packages are gathers to one single project plan and budget.

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