Horizon 2020 Environment

CIRC-05-2016: Unlocking the potential of urban organic waste

Deadline: March 08, 2016

The following shall be included in projects: Catalogue proven and emerging innovations in the collection, processing and use of organic urban waste and sewage sludge, and on that basis identify potential new value chains. Create and support a platform of regional, municipal and local stakeholders, including public authorities, civil society, and industry (the waste management industry, as well as industries that produce organic waste and those that may have an interest using such waste as a resource). Identify technological and regulatory barriers that hinder the use of more biodegradable waste as raw material for higher value bio-based products, and carry out targeted research that would help to address specific barriers. Such research could contribute to the generation of information required for the development of end-of-waste criteria for urban organic waste. 

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With support from Horizon 2020 Environment you will be able to conduct international research projects in support of EU policies for environment. Support will be given to projects aimed at mitigating negative environmental impacts, i.e. projects aimed at waste and recycling, water innovation, and carbon emissions reduction and climate protection.

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