Horizon 2020 Security

Provides 1 - 5M € in subsidies for research, development, and demonstration within:

About Horizon 2020 Security

With support from Horizon 2020 you will be able to conduct international research projects in support of EU policies for security. With a successful application of the program, companies will receive:

  • 1-5M EUR for technology and product development
  • IPR - Intellectual Property Rights
  • Network of partners for development
  • Access to new markets
  • Technology and knowledge transfer

The purpose of Horizon 2020 Security is to increase European competitiveness and create new jobs.

Possibilities with Horizon 2020 Security

Horizon 2020 Security offers opportunities for SMEs as well as large companies, regardless of industry and technological level. It offers interesting possibilities for traditional production companies as well as high-tech companies; the key factor is that the company is facing a technological challenge or has a project idea for the solution of a technological/societal challenge. With Horizon 2020 Security, the company can receive co-financing from the EU for project research and development.

Horizon 2020 Security calls will be offered to projects within the following categories (see current calls below):

  • Crisis Management: Extreme weather, chemical - biological - radiological - nuclear (CBRN) contaminations, pandemic protection, climate adaption, natural hazards, critical infrastructure protection, communication technologies, etc.

  • Crime and Terrorism: Forensic infrastructure and tools, internet monitoring, identity management, urban security etc.

  • Border and External Security: Costal and land border security, radar systems, biometrics, scanners, freight inspection, external security, etc.

  • Digital Security: Privacy, access control, ICT in critical infrastructure protection, secure information sharing, etc.

Requirements for Horizon 2020 Security

There are three primary requirements for a project to be eligible for support from Horizon 2020 Security:

  • Height of Innovation - the project/technology must be novel and solve a European security problem.
  • Large market potential or socioeconomic impact - min. 100M EUR over 5 years.
  • The project demands three partners from three countries.

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under Horizon 2020 Security.

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