Horizon 2020 Security

SEC-17-BES-2017: Architectures and organizations, big data and data analytics for customs risk management of the international goods supply chain trade movements

Deadline: August 24, 2017

Strategies and tools are needed for the timely submission to customs authorities of relevant high-quality and comprehensive data on goods moving and crossing borders, whilst taking into consideration the national and EU legal, procedural and IT systems where they exist. Realistic methodologies and organisations need to develop, that facilitate collaboration among the relevant authorities (not only customs but also law enforcement, transport, security and border control agencies). Data governance policies and mechanisms for data sharing need to be agreed internationally.

Common repositories that take advantage of existing instruments such as the Advance Cargo Information System (advance electronic notification of cargo coming into EU before it leaves the third country) which are under-utilised and under-exploited for risk management purpose, can support the intelligent use and management of complex and large amount of data, exploiting unstructured data, supporting operational and situational awareness of customs authorities, adding intelligence (trends analysis, correlation analysis, etc.) by means of state- of-the-art technologies including in the fields of Big Data, Data Analytics.

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With support from Horizon 2020 Security you will be able to conduct international research projects in support of EU policies for security. Support will be given to projects related to natural disaster resilience, crime and terrorism, border and external security, and digital security.

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