Horizon Europe Culture, creativity and inclusive society

Provides 2 - 3M € in subsidies for research and development within:

About Horizon Europe Culture, creativity and inclusive society

Activities contributing to the destination "Innovative Research on Democracy and Governance" provide knowledge, data, scientifically robust recommendations to reinvigorate democratic governance and improve trust in democratic institutions. In the long- term, this will contribute to help safeguard fundamental rights to empower active and inclusive citizenship. By doing so, they will also strengthen accountability, transparency, effectiveness, and trustworthiness of rule of law-based institutions and policies. Activities will develop recommendations to protect liberties and the rule of law, and shield democracy from multidimensional threats. They will aim to expand political participation, social dialogue and social inclusion, civic engagement, and gender equality.

Activities contributing to the destination “Innovative Research on European cultural heritage and the cultural and creative industries” protect, conserve, restore and repair Europe’s important cultural heritage, promote its use as one of the substantial European resources, boost its traditional and contemporary arts and create wider awareness. Activities will promote and valorise Europa’s cultural heritage and arts, while increasing their international competitiveness and firming the social fabric at European, national, regional, or local level.

Activities contributing to the destination "Innovative Research on Social and Economic Transformations", help tackle social, economic, and political inequalities, support human capital development and contribute to a comprehensive European strategy for inclusive growth. This also involves understanding and responding to the impacts of technological advancements and economic interconnectedness with a view to social resilience. The Cluster will support EU migration and mobility policies, both internal and external, while aiming to promote integration.

Finally, and equally importantly, the Cluster will address societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in all its Destinations with the objective to better understand and overcome the current crisis, increase societal resilience, and counter future crises of the kind.

For more elaborate information on eligibility, please see the specific calls.

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