Provides 0.01 - 0.7M € in subsidies for research, development, and demonstration within:

About InnoBooster

InnoBooster invests in promising ideas from SMEs, start-ups and scientists. In 2017, InnoBooster will distrubute DKK 300M. The goal is to transform good ideas to value for society in terms of growth and jobs.

Possibilities within InnoBooster

InnoBooster has a strong focus on innovative companies with the potential to create growth and jobs in Denmark. The programme invests in SMEs with a viable business proposition with high development potential, which require venture capital. Upon succesfull application, projects get funding of up to DKK 5M. InnoBooster covers 33% of project expenses. 

Requirements for InnoBooster

Investments in InnoBooster projects comprise development and commercialisation & implementation. The InnoBooster investment programme is open to companies that meet the following criteria:


  • A yearly turnover of DKK 2M (in the latest financial year) OR
  • An external capital invest of minimum DKK 500,000 within the past three years


Companies established less than three years ago, and do not meet the above criteria, must prove potential by:

  • Accounting for a strong team with relevant qualifications OR
  • Proving relevant results in terms of research (patents, prototype etc.) or by present in the market

The InnoBooster selection process depends on the size of the funding amount applied for:

  • Applications for less than DKK 0.5M: Applications are screened and assessed by the grant authority staff. Executive Management then makes the final decision
  • Applications for DKK 0.5-5M: Selected applicants are invited to pitch before an interdisciplinary panel of staff and external peer reviewers, who jointly draw up decision-support. Executive Management makes the final decision.

Upcoming deadlines

Below are the upcoming deadlines for InnoBooster. Expect 1-2 months for the proposal writing process.


Funding from InnoBooster can help you develop a new product or a new service that is not on the market today, or significantly improve a process in the company, which improve the company's competitiveness significantly. Applications are reviewed on an on-going basis. The Autumn call will open for applications on 15 January and close on 1 June. 

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