Mistra Arctic Future

Provides 0.5 - 1.5M € in subsidies for research, development, and demonstration within:

About Mistra Arctic Future

Programme periode: 2011-2013

Possibilities with Mistra Arctic Future

Mistra Arctic Future grant the possibilities to conduct environmental-driven research, focusing on the future development of the Arctic. New preconditions and technological solutions have made previously un-extractable resources profitable. To address these new strains on the environment, there is a need for a solid foundation of knowledge in the matter, powerful and flexible instruments and collaboration between the involved parties. The program is divided into five sub-programs. Some of the programmes are focused on Sweden's role and some have more focus on international issues regarding the Arctic. All the programmes want to encourage an interdisciplinary and society-oriented focus.  

  • The programme has a budget of 38 MSEK over two years, that will be allocated to 3-5 projects.

Requirements for Mistra Arctic Future

To be eligible for the research grants from Mistra Arctic Future, there are a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled: 

  • The programme is only directed towards Swedish companies or organisations, but international parties are allowed in the consortium
  • The research must have a demonstrable relevance to geopolitical, economic and technical circumstances from an environmental perspective

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under Mistra Arctic Future.

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