Mistra Innovation

Provides 1M € in subsidies for research and development within:

About Mistra Innovation

There will be no further calls under the Mistra Innovation Programme. 

Mistra Innovation is a programme that will give your company access and possibilities to conduct innovative activities and research. The programme is intended to give small and medium sized companies the possibilities to conduct highly innovative research with more risk than in conventional projects. 

Possibilities with Mistra Innovation

This programme will grant companies the opportunity to work innovatively to research and develop new products and processes. Companies will be provided with the possibilities to develop propositions with high potential that are both visionary and creative, but that at the same time implies a high risk. The intention with the programme is to initiate these processes in small to medium sized companies, given that the risks usually are to high and the innovation process to resource intensive. Companies that are accepted into the programme will have access to:

  • A network between companies and Universities.
  • Financial funding from Mistra's total budget of 44 MSEK for innovative projects

The overall goal with the programme is to implement the results from the research in the Swedish industry,  and consequently contribute to future growth and an improved environment.

Requirements for Mistra Innovation

There are a number of requirements that need to be met to be considered for Mistra Innovation: 

  • The applicant company need to be a small to medium sized and active within the technology sector
  • Network of applicant companies will be rewarded
  • The project leader need to be employed in the applicant company
  • The research need to be significant to the industrial competitiveness


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