Mistra: Plastic in a Sustainable Society

About Mistra: Plastic in a Sustainable Society

Mistra invites research groups, together with other partners to submit proposals for a new research program on plastic in a sustainable society. The purpose of this initiative is to look at the role and importance of plastic today and how a future society will cope with this demand for this material in a more sustainable way.

Mistra’s research programmes usually last several years, and are aimed at bringing about change in the long term. A Mistra programme on ‘Plastic in a Sustainable Society’ is expected to provide theoretical and practical knowledge that can facilitate a switch to the use of renewable resources. Moreover, the programme is also expected to contribute knowledge of consumption, reuse and recycling of plastic. A background report identifies four focus areas:

  • biomass (renewable) as a raw material for the plastics industry
  • plastic in aquatic ecosystems
  • plastic consumption
  • waste management

Possibilities with Plastic in a Sustainable Society

The call is primarily addressed at research groups at Swedish HEIs and research institutes. Researchers and organisations working abroad are welcome to join in applying as partners. Banks, asset managers and other organisations will be involved as partners. Applicants that are accepted into the programme will have access to financial funding from Mistra's total budget of 45 million SEK for innovative projects

Requirements for Plastic in a Sustainable Society

There are a number of requirements that need to be met to be considered for Mistra Innovation: 

The principal applicant and planned programme host must be a Swedish department or institution Network of applicant companies will be rewarded. The project leader need to be employed in the applicant company

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under Mistra: Plastic in a Sustainable Society.

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