MUDP - The Danish Eco-Innovation program

MUDP Lighthouse projects 2022

Deadline: August 23, 2022

MUDP has set aside DKK 56M for so called Lighthouse projects. MUDP finances 25-70% of the project budget depending on the size of the applicant companies. Lighthouse projects involve several actors across disciplines and must lead to environmental protection, which sets a new standard in Denmark and the EU.

Projects must be based on the UN's sustainable development goals and must contribute to one of the following areas:

  • Clean water and clean air
  • Circular economy
  • Environmentally harmful substances and better chemistry
  • Wild nature, biodiversity and climate

Read more in the call below and in MUDP's action plan.

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About MUDP - The Danish Eco-Innovation program

The Danish Eco-Innovation Program (MUDP) supports projects that contribute to the UN Sustainable development Goals by either: Stopping the decline of biodiversity and nature, slowing down global warming, adapting society to a changing climate, protecting human health from pollution and giving everyone access to clean water, air and rich nature or ensuring sustainable consumption of the Earth's resources.

MUDP can support projects ranging from preliminary projects where strengths and weaknesses must be clarified, over projects in the development, demonstration and test phase to so-called lighthouse projects, where environmental technology solutions are rolled out in full scale.

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