Nordic Innovation

Provides 0.3 - 2M € in subsidies for research, development, and demonstration within:

About Nordic Innovation

Nordic Innovation is a Nordic institution working to promote cross-border trade and innovation. Nordic Innovation was established in order to help make Nordic businesses competitive and innovative.

Working under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Innovation is a key player in implementing the Nordic trade, industry and innovation partnership programme.

Possibilities with Nordic Innovation

Nordic Innovation provides opportunities for companies as well as organisations and public actors regardless of industry. The key factor is for the project to address a technological/societal challenge affecting the Nordic region. The programme supports both research and development activities.

Requirements for Nordic Innovation

The individual calls state the specific requirements. However, these overall requirements are likely to apply:

  • The project must have a balanced partnership structure with partners from min. three Nordic countries
  • The project  participants must co-finance the project with a minumum of 50% of the total project costs
  • The project must not last longer than three years.

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under Nordic Innovation.

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