Nordic Innovation - Nordic Solved Programme

Provides 0.1M € in subsidies for development and demonstration within:

About Nordic Innovation - Nordic Solved Programme

The Nordic Solved Programme is offered to Nordic private and public entities to apply for funding at any given time outside traditional calls.

With successful application to the program, companies can receive funding for their projects; There is no grant limit as long as there is an alignment between the budget and the size of the project.

Possibilities with the Nordic Solved Programme

The Nordic Solved Programme provides opportunities for SMEs as well as large companies, regardless of industry and technological level. The key factor is that the company has a project idea for the solution of a technological/societal challenge affecting the Nordic region, and can establish a Nordic partnership. With the Nordic Solved Programme, companies can receive funding for the development and subsequent demonstration of the project.

Requirements for the Nordic Solved Programme

A project needs to fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for support from the Nordic Solved Programme:

  • The project must have a balanced partnership structure with partners from min. three Nordic countries
  • The project must be 50% financed (working hours or direct financing). Additionally, the budget cannot include more than 50% funding
  • The project must not last longer than three years
  • The project must lead to a defined result (A new concept, process, product or service) to be shared at Nordic and international level
  • Project results must be utilised by the applicant​
  • The applicant must provide argumentation for the added value of a Nordic project over a national project

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