Renewable Energy for Process

About Renewable Energy for Process

The purpose of Renewable Energy for Process - VE til proces - is to transform the Danish manufacturing industry by introducing renewable energy sources. Companies can receive funding for projects that replace fossil fuels with renewable energy or district heating, and energy efficiency measures as add ons to the project. DKK 500m is allocated annually from 2014-2020. Applications can be submitted continuously and they will be evaluated on a first comes first served-basis, as long as funds are available.

Possibilities with Renewable Energy for Process

With Renewable Energy for Process, you can apply for funding for converting existing energy facilities based on fossil fuels to facilities using renewables or district heating. You can apply for funding for all costs necessary to make the change; i.e. you can apply for funding for the change from an existing facility (modification) or for the establishment of a new facility when expanding the production/establishing new production lines (new installation). Costs that can be funded include:


  • Project planning
  • Environmental studies
  • The facility itself
  • Reconstruction of existing components or systems (e.g. boilers or heat distribution systems)

New installation

  • The aditional investments associated with purchasing a facility based on renewable energy or district heating compared to fossil fuels

If the project makes use of an installation or technology that only partially uses renewable sources (e.g. supplementary heating), support can only be given to the proportional share of renewable energy. If the project includes other energy saving measures, these can be supported too.

Requirements for Renewable Energy for Process

To be eligible for funding, following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The process/production site must be governed by the Danish taxation law on light or heavy processes
  • Funding cannot be given to projects that are obliged by law to undergo similar energy upgrades, or to projects that will be implemented anyway (an evaluation is made by the national board for energy)
  • It is not possible to apply for funding for more than one independent project in one application
  • The funding scheme cannot be combined with the energy utilities' commitments to energy conservation
  • The funding scheme cannot be used for room heating or cooling

Energy efficiency initiatives must be analyzed and documented and should as a minimum include:

  • Mapping of the energy consumption
  • Analysis of current and future energy/fuel utilization
  • Evaluation of profitable energy saving measures in the company's processes that influence energy/fuel consumption in the new energy generating facility
  • Energy conscious projection of the renewable energy generating facility

Only production sites located in Denmark are eligible for funding.

Upcoming deadlines

There are currently no calls under Renewable Energy for Process.

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